Customer Comments

Kevin Says “ Store #134 has excellent customer service. They are all very helpful”

Setta says “Store #134 is always helpful”  -Both Customers at Big Smoke in Kuna, ID.

Amiee and Mary say “Carol from #129 went above and beyond my expectations. Great Employee!!” -Customer at Big Smoke on Overland/Cole Boise, ID

Michael says “Shawna at #134 is a very nice person and a great cashier” -Customer at Big Smoke -Kuna, ID


 I just go a very  impressive customer comment on you today (from your “Curly Head Cigar Customer”, Ed Sperry). He wanted me to know how very impressed he was with your customer service. Apparently TCD is unable to supply us with this type of cigar currently. You went way above and beyond in contacting all of our other stores and having his favorite cigar transferred to your store so he could stock up on them. He really appreciates you for taking the extra time to go the extra mile for him. -Customer at Tobacco Connection State/21st St

Tyler was excellent in every way.”
— Said about Big Smoke #110 Blue Lakes / Filer, Twin Falls

Everyone is awesome!
— Ann said about Big Smoke #129 Overland / Cole, Boise

Store 16 is a great team!
— Sheri said about Tobacco Connection #16 12th Ave / 10th St. S. Nampa

Rikki is the best cashier!
— Alex said about Big Smoke #134, Kuna

I love Jenn more than life itself!
— Gabe said about Tobacco Connection #25 Meridian Rd / Gem

Store #16 always looks great and has great service.
— Chris said about Tobacco Connection #16 12th Ave / 10th St S, Nampa

“I wish to compliment Shirley on her customer service and knowledge of the vapor products in her store. I knew very little and she went our of her way to take the time to educate me and suggest products for me. She won my loyalty to her and her store.”
— Said about Tobacco Connection #21 Fairview / Five Mile, Boise