Trisha Castillo

District Manager

Meet the  District Manager of West Treasure Valley! Trisha is a long time employee and started for the company April 8th 2002, when she  was 19 years old as the Assistant Manager for the Blue Lakes store in Twin Falls.

Trisha then became a Store Manager in 2005 and has loved her position ever since. As of February 5th, 2018 she received a promotion to District Manager! She is super excited for the new position and to start a new adventure with her family in Boise.

Trisha is a mother of 7 children, and a proud grandma. In Trisha’s spare time, she loves spending time with family and loves to travel and see new things. Fun fact about Trisha is she has been a Zumba instructor for the last 6 years and loves it!  Moving to Boise for her current promotion is the 1st time she has moved away from her hometown of Jerome, Idaho.