Terry Dougherty

Big Smoke #112 Mountain Home Clerk


This is Terry and she has been an outstanding employee for the company since 2006. Terry says, “TBCO is a wonderful company to work for, and I feel grateful to be apart of the company and has made several lasting friendships with fellow associate and creating a friendly atmosphere”. Terry describes the most rewarding aspect of her job is putting a smile on customers which keeps them coming back. She is known for her cheery attitude and smile. Terry is a huge fan of animals, and enjoys seeing them come into our pet friendly store for a treat. Aside from being a rock star employee, she is a proud wife of a husky, tabby and hairy husband and has been married since 1981. She has a daughter and is a proud grandparent. Go visit Terry at our Big Smoke #112 in Mountain Home and see Terry, she will be sure to put a smile on your face.