Jen Abbott

Accounting Assistant

Meet Jen Abbott, one of our outstanding long term employees who has been with the company almost 12 years! Jen started at Tobacco Connection #16 (Nampa) in 2004. She went from being a Manager within 6 months in a Boise store. Jen has managed 5 different Tobacco Connections and helped open 2 others as well as assist at managing several other stores when managers were out for reasons.  She has also worked at TCD (a sister company distributing warehouse) as their delivery driver and picking the orders for about a year and a half as well as working in our audit department as the daily paperwork auditor and helping with Pricebook.  After that Jen came over to Accounting and have been here for almost 3 years!  Jen has 2 beautiful daughters: McKenzie will be turning 12 in August and Tegan just turned 10. She also has 2 dogs, a Mastiff named Boss and a mutt named Gypsy.  Jen has lived in Nampa Idaho most of her life, have moved around to other towns in this area but Nampa is always home. Jens hobbies include cooking, playing with my kids, camping, swimming, going on adventures. Fun fact about Jen: She has never broken any bones before.