Merch. Manager- Erika Swanson


Erika has been with the company since June 2011, she started as an Assistant Manager at Big Smoke #126 (Overland & Five Mile), then was promoted to Store Manager at Big Smoke #108 (Broadway) in October 2012. She went on to manage Tobacco Connection #27 (Glenwood & State), and opened Tobacco Connection #35 (Chinden & Linder). She was able to increase humidor cigar sales at each location, which lead to her being promoted to the company’s Cigar Category Manager in February 2017. She enjoys visiting each of our 55 stores and helping the stores increase their premium cigars sales, as well as hosting cigar events each year.  In her free time, she enjoys playing video games with her boyfriend, playing with her 2 cats, traveling, and watching football (she’s a die-hard Vikings fan).