Aleneday Paterna

Big Smoke Manager #113 Garrity / Stamm

My Name is Aleneday Paterna, born and raised in the Treasure Valley. I am a pretty happy go lucky, down to earth country girl whom has a pretty busy life with my Husband and best friend of 12 years. We Have 5 Wonderful crazy children and 3 Handsome Grandsons that keeps us on our toes. Its never a dull moment at the Paterna house.

I have been with our company for 5 years. I was hired in October 2012 by Mr. Kal Kinghorn and placed at my home store TC23 where I began my journey with a great teacher and boss Phil Young . In early 2013, I left TC23 to join the Lovely  miss Tina Martin as her “a**” manager (thanks Lonna Elliott for the nick name) at TC25 (Meridian) where I spent the next year shadowing an amazing lady learning everything I know. In July 2014, Shannon McCloud decided it was time to spread my wings and leave the nest to fly on my own at BS #113 where I have been for the last 3 years with my amazing team of ladies. I hope can take from me what I have learned and one day have a memorable journey of their own.Thank you BigSmoke and Tobacco Connection Family, here’s to many more years to come!